Stylish Worktops To Suit All Budgets

Give your new kitchen the perfect finishing touch with one of our stunning, durable worktops. Choosing a worktop is a difficult decision with varying strengths, prices and colours available. The best quality worktops have been known to increase the price of a property.

A worktop will last for years if looked after correctly. Whilst most now offer heat resistant properties, Alpha always recommend the use of chopping boards when preparing food and worktop protectors or trivets for hot pans.


Laminate Worktops

Using the latest techniques in high definition printing, a laminate worktop gives you an outstanding look at a fraction of the price. Every worksurface we make also has an unrivalled reputation for durability, performance and easy maintenance.
  • Highly affordable
  • Largest range of colours to choose from
  • Non-porous, liquids can easily be wiped away

Encore Worktops

The encore range combines everyday affordability with design driven solid surface worktops that are sleek, streamlined and virtually seamless. Robustly constructed from high quality, easy clean materials.
  • 44mm thick (5mm layer of Encore solid surfacing attached to chipboard baseboard)
  • Tough, durable and repairable if scratched
  • More heat resistant than Laminate

Mistral Worktops

MISTRAL Solid surface worktops combine the practicality and creative freedom of acrylic-based solid surface material with breathtaking looks that are inspired by the beauty of natural quartz and stone.
  • 25mm thick SOLID (no baseboard like Encore & Laminate)
  • Repels a large majority of household chemicals and stains
  • Great UV stability

Granite Worktops

Granite is a hard wearing, natural substance which has been mined, shaped and polished to extremely high standards. Granite exhibits a timeless look but can look equally at home in a contemporary kitchen.
  • Adds elegance and style that is hard to beat
  • Natural, meaning every piece of granite is unique

Quartz Worktops

Pure quartz is mixed with colour pigments and high performance polymer resin to create beautiful variations of colour and design. This mixture ensures a durable, stable, non-porous worktop that is also resistant to chemicals.
  • Exudes quality & class
  • Being man-made, Quartz is stronger than granite