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How Much Does a New Kitchen Cost?

Our fitted kitchens are very competitively priced for the type of job that we do. We are cheaper than the major High Street retailers when comparing like-for-like. Every kitchen is different, the overall price will depend on a number of key factors:

Scope of the Project
How large is the kitchen area both in terms of the number of cupboards and the size of the cupboards. Generally speaking wall units come in two different heights. Normal height 720mm and extra-height 900mm high for those who want the wall units closer to the ceiling for extra storage (ceiling height depending).

It stands to reason that the larger the area and cupboard space the more materials are needed both for the units and worktops. The price increases with the scope of the job.

Preparation Work
Depends on the current quality of the room. Do tiles need taking off, new plastering, walls knocking down or moving, electrical work, downlights installing in the ceiling etc. These will all increase the cost.

Door Range
Kitchen doors are available in a number of different ranges. Two doors can look very similar to the untrained eye but vary vastly in quality. You can view a small selection of the available doors. There are two important things to consider with door ranges.

Generally speaking the door range pricing works as follows:
Kitchen Door Prices

Kitchen Door Type Prices Kitchen Door Prices

Kitchen Door Type Prices

The door range you pick will also affect the pricing of the complimentary pieces such as end panels, cornice, plinth & pelmet.

Each door is available in a full palette of colours. There are a limited number of stocked colours for each door which vary depending on the door range. For doors with a painted finish we offer a paint-to-order service and a bespoke colour matching service where we can match any colour from a RAL chart.

Kitchen Door Colour Pricing Kitchen Door Colour Pricing

In addition, the carcass colour can also affect the price if it's a woodgrain or unusual colour. The popular Matt coloured carcasses are the cheapest.

The worktops you pick can have a large impact on the overall cost. There are several types of kitchen worktop and several price groups within each category depending on the decor picked. Generally speaking there is a £1,000+ jump in price between the chapest Laminate worktops and every other type of work surface.

Kitchen Worktop Pricing Kitchen Worktop Pricing

Kitchen appliances are available in a number of different brands which each have a range of models at various price points depending on the appliances functionality. For example the price of the entry model for various popular brands looks as follows:

Kitchen Appliance Pricing Kitchen Appliance Pricing

Additional items such as glass splashbacks, internal pull-out wirework storage & bins, lighting, upstands, mantles, fancy handles, plinth moulds etc. are all available at additional cost depending on the specific items picked.

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