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How Much Does a New Bedroom Cost?

Our fitted bedrooms are very competitively priced for the type of job that we do. We are cheaper than the major High Street retailers when comparing like-for-like. Every bedroom is different, the overall price will depend on a number of key factors:

Hinged Wardrobes or Sliding Doors?
The first thing to consider for a new bedroom is if you want hinged wardrobes or sliding wardrobes. Some bedrooms are only suitable for sliding doors due to a lack of space. As a general rule of thumb sliding wardrobes are more expensive than hinged wardrobes, usually working out a few hundred pounds dearer.

Scope of the Project
How large is the bedroom area both in terms of the number of cupboards and the size of the cupboards. It stands to reason that the larger the area and cupboard space the more materials are needed. Another consideration is the height of the ceiling as our wardrobes are usually fitted from floor to ceiling. The higher the ceiling the more expensive the materials are.

Preparation Work
Removing existing wardrobes, moving plug sockets or radiators and any other prep work will all increase the cost.

Hinged Wardrobe Door Range
Vinyl doors are the main type of bedroom doors as they are available in a number of different styles. The Vinyl pricing goes as follows:

Vinyl Door Styles Vinyl Door Styles

Acrylic Slab doors, Serica Slab Supermatt doors, Aluminium glazed doors & Milano Veneer Slab door ranges are also available.
There are PVC edge slab doors for people on a tighter budget.

Sliding Wardrobe Door Range
There are a number of factors which affect the price of the sliding doors:

Bedroom Colours
The colour of board your bedroom carcasses are made from will affect the price. Generally speaking the colour pricing works as follows:

Colours Colours

Internal Wardrobe Layout
You can mix and match the internal layouts with hanging rails, shelves, dividers, drawers, pull-outs etc. The pricing works as follows:

Internal layout Internal layout

Additional items such as mirrors, stools, headboards, plinth moulds, lighting, fancy handles, safe drawers, jewellery trays etc. are all available at additional cost depending on the specific items picked.

Request a measure if you would like a free no obligation quote for your new bedroom wardrobes.